Case Studies

Don Ruffles operate a hugely successful online business with a series of niche websites that capture and store vast amounts of purchasing history and customer data which has generated a database of almost 20,000 consumers. Managing Director, Michael Knight, approached Office Club for assistance in creating targeted email campaigns that utilise the information already captured to generate add-ons, cross-sells and new business.

“Office Club took our information and through detailed data drilling segmented our mass of data to initially create more focused and relevant lists” explains Michael. “This more targeted approach has led to increased open rates, growing awareness of the brand, and in a number of instances we are seeing a spike in product sales that relate directly to an email communication sent out. With each campaign that goes out we are enhancing our data and making the next campaign even more personalised for the target recipients which is again having the effect of generating sales that will otherwise have been missed.”

Office Club support Don Ruffles setting up campaigns, managing data and offering expert strategy consultation.

Stephen Peck, based in Jersey, has seen the benefits of having Cool Earth paper available: “The branding offers a really strong environmental message and when featured in our marketing literature it has really grabbed the attention of paper users and as a direct result I can confirm that we have switched some users from other brands, and also picked up additional business on the back of having Cool Earth paper in our portfolio.”

The benefits of Cool Earth paper have undergone the scrutiny  of sustainability professionals to verify its credibility and attention grabbing messaging.

Sudbury Office Supplies in Suffolk has worked closely with Office Club for a number of years, supporting suppliers that offer preferential terms and using marketing support available to sell these products through to the consumer.

More recently they worked with Office Club on best practice marketing campaigns taking an omni-channel approach to meet the requirements of changing customer decision-making habits. Owner Guy Hume explains: “We use Office Club to create a targeted mailer that provides a snapshot of our key product areas and services. This mailer gets distributed to over 30,000 addresses in the local area. In addition, we then mirror the offers and style in an email campaign so that recipients will immediately, even if subconsciously, connect the email with the leaflet they received and therefore increasing the likelihood of them reading the email.

“Both the email and the flyer direct consumers to either the website or our bricks and mortar outlet where the featured products are prominent. The results speak for themselves. We see a spike in product sales when they feature in our multi-channel marketing approach, delivering sales that we would otherwise not have achieved.”

Based on the outskirts of Colchester in Essex, Office Needs supply local businesses with a fast and reliable service for all things office products. A large wholesaler catalogue offers their customers a complete encyclopedia of what they can offer, over 16,000 lines that can be supplied next day – Giving catalogue users a huge choice of product. Yet in reality, Carl Amos at Office Needs does not want to offer such a massive choice at discounted prices.

By introducing Office Club’s catalogue into the offering we can advise our customers that this is their first port of call when looking for products, offering the everyday items at a nett price – easy for them, easy for us” explains Carl.  

This also focuses customers on the products that I am buying better through the negotiations Office Club has made with those suppliers. I can then use the wholesaler catalogue for the less in demand products, and offer them at less of a discount off retail as I would need to if this was my only catalogue, enabling me to make much greater profits on the tail end products. It is a win-win for both myself and the customers who find the shorter range catalogue much easier to use.”

In Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, Dana Whitehouse of BOS Sales communicates  products, services and prices to his customers in a number of different formats through catalogues and via a website, meeting the changing requirements of customers.

One of the challenges of using various marketing material is ensuring that key customers are aware of their best prices on their most important items, where the actual price is likely to be lower than that printed in catalogues and on public websites. Office Club presented Dana with the concept of building a contract price list via specially formatted programming, clarifying prices to customers and keeping key accounts happy.

An easy to produce, professional looking contract price list was exactly what I was looking for, and it could not have been easier to produce” enthuses Dana, “all I have to do is supply Office Club with my terms file and they do the magic behind the scenes, supplying me with a bespoke price list that I now use to give contracted prices to my customers, with a professional appearance, befitting of my business.

“I have no doubt that this extra service has contributed to the loyalty of a number of key accounts – thank you Office Club!