Your purchasing power

In it’s simplest form, as a group, we are ablate negotiate better buying prices from suppliers using our collective purchasing power, as opposed individual resellers negotiating prices on their own.

The purchasing relationship is two-way: Members show commitment to Office Club’s approved suppliers. In return, these suppliers undertake to offer products of a consistently high quality at advantageous terms for price, delivery and minimum order values. Office Club’s purchasing staff also carry out a a monthly exercise on computer consumables and are always available as a source of information and expertise to help with out-of-the-ordinary purchasing problems.


Office Club is a member of the Business Products Group International the worlds largest consortium of independent dealers.

BPGI Members span Europe and Australia bringing together considerable purchasing power and dealer support expertise. With over €3.4Bn Euros ($4bn) in end-user sales purchasing power and providing support through sales and marketing and other key services to over 2,700 dealers internationally, it represent the biggest organised international group of its kind. We gain negotiating power with a wide range of global suppliers and pass the benefit to our members.