Office Circle launches network of local office supplies dealers

Following on from the success of groups like, with one website representing hundreds of individual local businesses, Nemo & Office Club have partnered with Office Circle and digital marketing experts, tmwi, to create a national network of office supplies dealers offering local delivery from one central website

Nemo & Office Club MD, Tim Beaumont, announced: “The new venture with Office Circle is ready to provide a custom, local service at a national level as a one-stop shop for B2B supplies and equipment delivered straight to offices or homes for people working remotely.

“Although this is not a new concept to our industry, the level of expertise and financial support we have received from our globally successful digital marketing partners means that Office Circle is perfectly positioned to have a serious impact at this time when businesses buying habits are changing due to the pandemic. Working with supportive supply partners such as Acco, Antalis and Kärcher, Office Circle advertising is already now prominent on popular consumer websites, including which attracts over 250,000 site visitors per week.”

Office Circle MD, Mike Martin, explained: “Whether it is the latest cutting-edge projector, a simple memo pad, or anything else in between, we work hard to make sure customers have fast access to the best supplies. With over 20,000 products currently on the site, and growing, we’re proud to say that our trusted local partners from Nemo and Office Club make it all possible, offering tailored, personal support and a first-class service to local businesses every single day.”

“We’re always looking for the latest innovations in office supplies and stationery that can help businesses reduce their ecological footprint.” continued Mike.

“We know sustainability is increasingly on the minds of our customers. So, it’s important for us to offer them plenty of options, whether that’s products made from 100% recycled plastic or office supplies made from biodegradable materials. Every green choice makes the planet a little bit safer and we’re happy to make it easier for our customers to go the eco-friendly route.”