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Don Ruffles operate a hugely successful online business with a series of niche websites that capture and store vast amounts of purchasing history and customer data which has generated a database of almost 20,000 consumers.

Manging Director, Michael Knight, approached Office Club for assistance in creating targeted email campaigns that utilise the information already captured to generate add-ons, cross-sells and new business.

“Office Club took our information and through detailed data drilling segmented our mass of data to initially create more focused and relevant lists” explains Michael. “This more targeted approach has led to increased open rates, growing awareness of the brand, and in a number of instances we are seeing a spike in product sales that relate directly to an email communication sent out.

“With each campaign that goes out we are enhancing our data and making the next campaign even more personalised for the target recipients which is again having the effect of generating sales that will otherwise have been missed.”

Office Club support Don Ruffles setting up campaigns, managing data and offering expert strategy consultation.


‘Office Club has helped us grow and prosper in the ever-changing office products industry. Membership has given us quality support with our marketing, supplier relationships, purchase price in particular and many trade friendships that help so much in providing high quality exchange of information and ideas, plus of course a lot of fun!’

Greater London

‘Fifteen years ago, we made a decision to join Office Club. We had previously received a number of approaches from other dealer groups but not responded; now this one felt right. Fifteen years on, with the benefit of hindsight, I know we made the right decision’

East Anglia

‘In a little more than a month from joining Office Club, we found that the benefits to our trading terms were exceeding the membership costs. Office Club had confounded the onlookers in the trade and has gone on doing so ever since. We are delighted that Office Club has progressed to its present size and stature as one of the country’s leading dealer groups. We are very happy to have played a part in and benefited from Office Club’s success’