Member Services

Our dedicated network team is on hand to help you plan and implement the initiatives that are important to your business. We embrace diversity and tailor our services accordingly to provide expert support and advice whatever your business model.

Club Online

Online is the biggest growth area in the office products reselling industry, exploding with opportunity whilst equally creating new challenges to your business model. Office Club is here to help maximise the opportunities and override the challenges.

When working with members we understand that no two businesses are the same, and to succeed in the competitive world of online, we need to tailor our support for each individual member – Understanding your visions and plans, your USP’s, what your typical customer looks like and what your hopes and aspirations are when starting a new project online.

We will sit down and discuss, in-depth, your current online activity, how it is working for you, and what your expectations are, looking at things like your keyword analysis, site speed, links, current visitor behaviour (using Google Analytics), SEO, competitor analysis and benchmarking. From there we can make recommendations that are right for your business, put some actions into place and help you to plan your strategy going forward.

Club Commercial

At Office Club we offer a unique service to B2B dealers – Yes we provide catalogues and mailers that WORK, focusing on strategic product placing, up-selling, cross-selling, sales growth and profitability; Yet we take all of that a stage further to make your USP’s stand out from the competition, we want you to differentiate yourself from the fight to the bottom when it comes to prices and services, we believe our members have a mutually beneficial proposition to their business customers and we can help to utilise that through the addition of bespoke services, and helping you to understand and promote where you add value.

Our commercial services cover a multitude of marketing tools to enable you to differentiate your omni-channel campaigns to promote your business, and the huge range of product categories you supply. Utilising the support, both on and offline, “off the shelf” and bespoke, gives Office Club members a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Club Retail

Office Club retailers are renowned for their entrepreneurial brilliance and extraordinary creativity which has inspired us to be able to provide an unrivalled offering of POS displays including posters, shelf strips, hanging boards and banners; in addition we offer poster printing services, signage and labels – All updated with new designs and styles in our annually produced Club Retail brochure.

Although every retailer is different, collaboration through networking events and our Facebook group creates a community feel amongst dealers that help them to tackle the challenges faced and share inspiration from success stories.

We have created an additional network of retail suppliers offering members a broader breadth of product ranges, seasonal items and a vast array of display units and retail packaged products. We know that retail requires a different type of expertise, we offer that in abundance.