Manage Your Email & Template Marketing

Through our new collaboration with Nemo we re delighted to announce that AIMS+ is back, with a new name and new look, welcome to AFFINITY!  Depending on how you look to promote your business you have three levels of Affinity available:

What is the difference between the Affinity programmes?

Affinity is our entry level template library for members. You get access to hundreds of supplier and wholesaler supported PDF templates for you to personalise and download to distribute to your customers.

Affinity+ is a self-serve module – meaning that you still get to access the PDF templates, but in addition you get access to hundreds of HTML and email templates to send to customers too.You can create your own email marketing using the templates provided to you, with our expert support and advice to help you build your perfect promotion.

We do not manage the service for you, and your subscription charge is based on your number of contacts.

Affinity Extra
Affinity Extra is the flagship managed service programme for email marketing on your behalf. Affinity Extra gives you a minimum of one email per week, professionally designed and coded and sent on behalf to your customers.

You get all the benefits of Affinity and Affinity+ meaning you can use the vast range of supported templates and marketing library as much as you want!

Your subscription charge will be based on your number of contacts.