Amazon & Ebay

There is no hiding from the enormity of Amazon and the mind-boggling market it provides access to, but to be successful on Amazon requires more than just the products to be available. At Office Club we have fully trained staff qualified to advise on Amazon and eBay, and the advice is worth listening to.

Office Club members gain access to literally hundreds of thousands of products through a portfolio of over 85 suppliers with whom preferential terms have been agreed. This provides an opportunity to differentiate the offering from the majority of sellers on Amazon and can help to avoid you conceding margin on everyday wholesale lines to compete with the selling price of others.

Online reseller members receive regular exclusive newsletters providing insight and tips for using Amazon and eBay to increase sales opportunities. In addition, why not talk to us about setting up a niche trading site to sell your unique products online without having to pay third party fees?

International Buying Power

Office Club is a member of the Business Products Group International, the world’s largest consortium of independent dealers.  

With over $4bn in end-user sales, members span Europe and Australia bringing together considerable purchasing power and expertise, the benefits of which are passed to our members.