Email Marketing

Sending out emails has become an everyday activity in all offices across the world, what is going to make yours stand out and avoid being instantly deleted with barely a second thought?

Email marketing has moved on, and continues to do so at some pace. The Office Club team are regularly attending training courses and participating in seminars that ensure that we are at the forefront of understanding and delivering best practice email marketing. Adding the recipients name after ‘Dear’ is no longer considered as personalisation, that is the norm. With so much more data available you should be looking to make your emails more targeted, understanding the recipients interests and buying habits to ensure the communication is relevant.

Each campaign you send out is another touch point with your customer and even if it does not lead to a direct sale, or your ‘Call To Action’ is not followed, it is another opportunity to gain information about the recipients and their habits and attitudes – Every communication must serve a purpose, the outcome should have some bearing on your next action.

With detailed tracking reports available you can immediately identify who has opened your email and who has clicked on any links you may have included – A clear sign of interest, and worthy of a follow-up.

Email marketing is a powerful tool, but should not be relied upon in isolation and should form part of a communication strategy. Office Club can help you to develop that plan, and increase the effectiveness of your emails.