Catalogue - The Essentials Range

Still a key component of the marketing mix

Let’s start with dispelling the myth that catalogues are no longer needed in your marketing mix. The emergence of e-commerce was heralded as the death of printed marketing material, but research by European vendor Hamelin Brands revealed that over 55% of those surveyed still use the catalogue as a starting point, regardless of whether they buy online or over the phone. We do not just live in a digital age, we are in a omni-channel marketplace with multiple touch points required to maximise sales and customer loyalty.

The catalogue features everyday office essentials and a taster of the increasingly diverse range of workplace products that you can supply to your customers beyond the key items featured in this book – A great way to promote your business as the complete solution. Office Club has negotiated price support for catalogue listed products, from both wholesaler and suppliers; this gives our members the re-assurance that their margin is being protected when pricing competitively to customers.