Added value, additional sales
Priced cheaper to the consumer than the Essentials Range catalogue, and packed with added value give-aways, promotional offers and commodity lines at discounted prices, the Bureau mailer is versatile in how it can be used – a regular offer to existing customers, a prompt to lapsed accounts or an eye-catching prospecting mailer.

Easy to use
The mailer is printed with wholesaler codes making it easy to cross refer and offer a next day delivery service – Making use of added value promotions with composite codes, the code on the page is the code you order from the wholesaler (Antalis only products use a unique code that can be cross-referred to the direct source).

Bureau is now available as an Emag
Now you can point your customers in the direction of a emag (flicki) version of the Bureau mailer. A default version (no personalised cover) will be available on the Office Club website for you to point customers at OR we can supply all the files required to be uploaded onto your own website with your own front cover.