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It Started With A Village

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When anthropologist Dilwyn Jenkins contacted Cool Earth ten years ago with the news that the Asháninka community were on the brink of selling their rainforest, Cool Earth leapt at the opportunity to assist in whatever way they could.

Cool_earth_10Like Cool Earth, Dilwyn believed in people. Who better to guard the rainforest than those who depend on it for their existence? This was how the Cool Earth model was born. People first.

This year Cool Earth turns ten. What a decade it’s been. Since its inception, Cool Earth has partnered with communities in Northern Peru, Papua New Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And, with the overwhelming support from donors, such as Office Club, Cool Earth are now protecting more rainforest with communities than any government or NGO.

Cool Earth have learnt a lot in the last ten years, but one thing has been certain; indigenous people are the key to halting rainforest destruction. By empowering communities, forest loss in our partner villages is 27% less than surrounding areas. Proof again that backing people is the most effective way of saving the rainforest.

Now, Cool Earth are introducing the Toolbox, a refined, versatile model built on ten years of R&D to revolutionise rainforest protection and scale the impact across the world. With the backing of pioneering thinkers like the supporters, Cool Earth’s Toolbox will be the most effective model for empowering indigenous communities to take control of their forest and remain its custodians long after Cool Earth’s departure. So, here’s to another ten years of rainforest saving partnerships.

For more information on Cool Earth Paper, exclusively available from Office Club members, please click here.