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Office Club Launch Direct Mail Campaign Support

20/03/2015Leave a reply

Dealer group Office Club has launched a new mailer campaign providing dealers with a raft of new niche marketing tools for targeting prospects and new business from existing customers.

Announcing the initiative Merchandising Manager Allison Fishlock explained: “Over the past 18-24 months there has been a heavy shift towards online marketing; an important development that we have fully supported dealers with through our online offerings, be it preparing e-shots, websites or full blown trading stores…but we have also identified that there has been a trend to overlook traditional methods that should form part of a multi-channel approach to deliver the optimum results.

Club Direct addresses this gap by giving Members a range of specific product sector mailers that they can choose to have A4 or A5 with a choice of codes, pricing and a full colour overprint to give a true sense of being their own. The mailers cover everything from archive storage and copier paper through kitchen, catering and cleaning, to machines, conference and presentation – Something for everyone.

“Thousands of emails are being deleted daily without being opened, and that is just the ones that make it through the spam filters – If a dealer is solely sending out emails then they are missing out on business. Club Direct marks the end of instant deletions as hard copy fights back…Using direct mail as part of a multi-channel approach, Office Club members are already seeing the results with reports of orders from dormant accounts, appointments made from previously unresponsive prospects and new product orders from existing customers.”

Club Direct mailers are available for dealers to order from the Members area of the Office Club website with all product information and pricing to assist with usage.